Generator Products

Supporting Cone Ring & Compostie & Insulation Parts

Supporting Cone Ring


• The picture shows the Generator Supporting Cone Ring for Ling Ao Nuclear Power Project in China with Diameter 3500mm, which is using custom resin systems of epoxy, polyester and vinyl esters with a variety of reinforcing fibers -S and E glasses, carbon fiber and Kevlar TM, and delivery precise mechanical, electrical and thermal properties required by industrial applications in power generation

Composite Insulation Parts


• The pictures show that insulation parts made by the wide of range materials for the generators, like Rotor Blocking, Subslot Covers, Pole Collars, End Turn Insulation, Retaining Ring Insulation, Temp Wood Blocking, Stator Support Blocks, Stator Wedges, Stator Filler, Hose Mold Rewind Kits, Insulation Rods Bolts, Washers & Disc Washers, Nuts, and so on.

Insulation Tapes & RESIN-LESS MICA TAPES


• RESIN-LESS MICA TAPES with the Porous, resin-impregnated and conductive features;

• PREPREGS made by using Delpormats,Nomex®, Tripreg®, NMN, DMD, Felts,and Mats;

• NMN,DMD,NKN, film cylinders, laminate and aluminized paper are some of the flexible LAMINATES