Multitek Systems & Design, Inc.


MULTITEK SYSTEMS & DESIGN, INC. (MULTITEK) was found in August 1992 in New York of USA. Since then, in almost 20 years’ international business in power generation industry, we majorly aim at Chinese Power Generation manufacturing, exported what they need like the steel materials, cooper materials, chemical materials, generator parts, instruments, and all other generators related equipments, from USA, CANANDA, BRAZIL, SWITZERLAND , GERMANY, ITALY,FRANCE, ENGLAND,JAPAN,ETC. Also we try our best to make the connection between the worldwide generator material, parts, instruments, and equipments 'suppliers & manufacturers and China major Generator manufacturers more close together.

Our mission and goal are always trying our efforts to reduce our customer’s costs, help them to find and offer them the best products in quality and services, and also help our suppliers and manufacturers to develop their products and services to meet our customers' requirement.

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